(When has your enthusiasm not helped you?)

I wanted to declutter my house, though it is overwhelming and I could never get myself to do it for long.  Then about 2 weeks ago I decided that if I blog about it and get some friends and strangers rooting me on I would be able to finally accomplish it.
While taking hours and days to figure out where to blog and then figuring out how to set up my blog page I noticed I was eating less.  Ummm, I thought.  I wonder if decluttering will help me lose weight, I decided to kind of keep track of my weight in a blog and see if there is a correlation.

Since I was just starting to blog maybe I should blog about starting a blog?
But there were real life situations that will come up and since my site is titled ‘Inside Diane’s Life’ maybe I should blog about my life also.

Am I taking on too much?  Losing focus?  Getting distracted?   Sounds like how my regular life goes.

I am going to try to mostly focus on decluttering, but take a break off and on and blog about the other topics.  I also just decided I want to make some projects out of wood and may start a blog.    I have gotten out of control.

Stay with me and see if I can manage my enthusiasm.

When has your enthusiasm not helped you?

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