Days Blurring Together During Lock-in?

Jail bars

(Have your days and weeks been blurring together?  Does your day go by with nothing special to talk about?  What do you think about my ‘special days’?  Tell me your thoughts and share your stories if you are joining me.)

My days have been just going by without any fanfare and each day is over before I know it.  I guess I can be grateful because it could be that the day drags on with no end in sight.  Even though I have been laid off of both my jobs I can still tell the difference between the weekdays and the weekends.  This is because my husband still has a job. (Knock on wood)

He works from home Monday through Friday, but on the weekends his routine is different.  He isn’t sitting in front of his computer all day and that is how I know the weekend has come.  If it wasn’t for him all my days would feel the same.  I am grateful, though I want to know which day it is on my own without needing to relying on my husband.

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching JazzWeath, a stock market channel on YouTube and it mentioned a nickname for Tuesdays.  They were calling it Turn-Around Tuesdays because the stock market seemed to like to turn around on Tuesdays.  I thought it was cute though didn’t think much more about it.  I heard it again this week.  The next day, I started thinking whether I can have my days have meaning?

So I started to brainstorm what names I could give to the days of the week.  It was harder than I thought because I wanted the first letter of the word I came up with to match the first letter of the day.  I first had to think up activities that I could do each day.  I was looking for words for exercise, learn, and pamper among others.  First, I used a thesaurus to try to find synonyms that would match the letter I wanted to use.

That technique helped with a couple of days, though I couldn’t get all the words I needed.  For the last 2-3, I just started looking through words that started with the day’s first letter.  For example, I was looking through F words for Friday (don’t think dirty) and I found one that could work.  I was so excited.

I figured out words to use and now I have an activity I can do each day.  This way my week won’t just go by with nothing to show for it.  This list might change if I come up with better words to use.  Below I will explain each day.  Though before I share it with you I want to say that Wednesday’s matching word is the one I like the least.  It works, but without the explanation, it sounds negative.

Here it is as it stands on April 27th, 2020.

Meaningful Monday:
Mondays are the beginning of the week.  Make it meaningful by reaching out and doing something nice.  This could be calling a friend, shooting a text to someone you haven’t talked to for a while, giving (sending) a present to a loved one, offering a neighbor some help, or donating to a good cause.  The idea is doing something for someone else to make this day meaningful. Get your creative juices going.

Teasing Tuesday:
It is good to laugh.  On Tuesday find something funny.  A joke, comic, or meme, something that puts a smile on your face.  This day would be better if the laugh was shared with a friend.  Maybe start a Teasing Tuesday exchange?

Withdrawal Wednesday: (I want a better name)
This day is for recharging your batteries.  Some of us are giving a lot of ourselves to family, parents, and just trying to keep everything together.  Some of us are giving too much of ourselves to worrying.  Personally, I am giving too much of myself to YouTube and Netflix.

Withdrawal stands for taking time for yourself.  It could be for 1 hour or half the day.  Think about what you need to refill your batteries so you can take care of the things and people you need to.  For me, it is getting away from the computer and having some quiet time so my brain can get creative.  That makes me happy, though not easy for me to do.

Thankful Thursday:
This is exactly what it sounds like.  Find 5 things to be grateful about.  If it is a really hard day, then one will do.  Some people are having easier times than others as we go through this strange period in history, but there is usually one thing you can find to be grateful for.

Focus Friday:
Being in the house and doing the same thing every day is not the best for us humans.  We are creatures that thrive when we learn new things and move.  Even though sometimes we have to push ourselves to do these activities that are good for us.  Focus Fridays are for finding something new to learn.  You can practice it through the week, but if the week gets away from you just make sure to practice it on Fridays.  Whether for 20 mins or 3 hours it doesn’t matter, just get your brain working and challenge yourself.

Spectacular Saturday:
We are bombarded with bad or uncertain news daily.  Even when we get the news that our cities are going to open up it is still scary.  Today is a day to look for good news.  Find a news article about someone doing good or something good happening in your community or city.  I know I need to hear good news or else I am more fearful and sad.  If nothing else go watch some cute cat videos.  Cats are still around and doing happy things.

Send good vibes Sunday: (Yes, wordy I know.)
This is the day to just send good vibes out into the community, city, and everywhere.  Think about other people and send happy thoughts.  If you have a higher power that you believe in then send the good vibes that direction and let the higher power pass it along.
I am a God girl, so I will be praying for friends, family, and everyone.  What we are going through right now is worldwide.


I know this will go down in the history books and I am so amazed that I am living through a historic event.  I know there will be an end to this and I hope we come out of it stronger and wiser than when we first got locked away.

I think I am about to wrap this up, though first I wanted to tell you that when I was first thinking about words for the days I must have been in a slightly melancholy mood because my first ideas were Sad Saturday, Moody Mondays, Talkback Tuesdays, and Whiney Wednesday.  After writing them down I decided that is not how I want my week to go.  I want to be heading to the positive side of life and not down a dark hole.

I hope you will follow me into positivity and share with me what you will be doing.  If I get my act together I may share this on my other platforms daily.  Instagram may be first, but we will see.  I put a list of my social media names below if you want to check what I decide to do each day.  I am going to try hard to share my progress each day.

Follow me:
Facebook:   Inside Diane’s Life                      Instagram:   insidedianeslife
Twitter:   DeeLitePony  (I know its different and more my personal page)

Today is Monday and today I am going to contact 3 people in my contact list.  Since I have been locked away I have only contacted about 10 out of the 40 people in my contacts.  I plan to start with my friends that begin with the letter A and work on it weekly.  What are you going to do on #MeaningfulMonday ?

Take care everyone and I will be sending you good vibes on Sunday (maybe even before).

Have your days and weeks been blurring together?  Does your day go by with nothing special to talk about?  What do you think about my ‘special days’?  Tell me your thoughts and share your stories if you are joining me.



Work Ethic: I have Two Different Personalities

(Do you want to work or get a project done at home?  What is your ‘home’ work ethic like? Do you have tricks?)

I consider myself a good worker.  When I am at work I try not to slack off and I am usually on the go.  When the regular tasks are done I usually look for something else to do.  Sitting still does not feel right.

I consider myself a lazy worker.  When I know I need to get things done I will procrastinate.  I will do things that really don’t need to be done (busy work), rest or be on my phone/computer.  Many days go by and I haven’t even hit the things I told myself that needed to be done.

Are you one of these?  I happen to be both.  I am the productive one when I leave the house and someone is paying me to do a job.  I believe if I stop working, then I shouldn’t be getting paid.  So, I am a workhorse.

The lazy me is when I get home.  Doing chores, a To Do List, learning or trying to get my online business going is like pulling teeth.  I am the procrastination queen.
How can I have such different personalities?

mom-mask    (Picture drawn by my daughter.  Love her.)

I think there are two reasons for it.  The first is when I go to work I am working for someone else.  I am taking someone’s money to have me do certain duties.  I don’t like to let people down and I want them to appreciate that I work for them.  On the job I am not suppose to be distracted by my phone or computer.  That makes it easier to focus on work and get things done.

It is so much easier for me to slack off when I am trying to work from home.  I equate home to time off.  So working from home seems like the wrong thing to do.  Plus at home I have so many things that can distract me and does distract me.  I have to be my own boss and the boss I am at home is very lenient one.

The boss (me) may reprimand me, though I know I can not get fired, and since chores or working online (at the beginning) is not making me any money, then I am not worried about money being taken away from me.  Even with those 2 reasons I am still surprised how different my work ethic is when working at home.  I have been trying for what it seems like forever to get myself more motivated.  To take action.

In fact writing this right now is making me happy.  Even in the back of my head my brain is trying to get me to stop and watch a YouTube video about HOW TO DEVELOP AN INSANE WORK ETHIC.  In fact, what I just need to do is finish this blog post and that would be me practicing this ‘home’ work ethic I am suppose to be strengthening.

I also watched a video about a week ago about how most people believe they need motivation to have action, but this video said you can also do the action first and motivation will usually show up.

That is what I am relying on right now.  I am doing the action of writing this and as I get more written hopefully the motivation will kick in for me to finish it quickly and post it.

For those of you out there that are thinking why doesn’t she ‘Just Do It’, I have been trying for decades to fix my procrastination problem.  If you are the ‘Just Do It’ type of person then I commend you.  I am the other type of person (so far) that tells myself to do it, but starts to get overwhelmed as soon as I think about taking action.  And if I feel overwhelmed then I will find other things to do that is easier.

Bad… yes.   My reality… yes.   (for now)

I will keep on working on this problem.  I figure I haven’t lost the fight unless I give up.  I will go now and see if I can get INSANE work ethic from that video.  Hope me luck.

(Side note:  I have just hit 50 followers.  I want to thank you all for coming along on my journey.  I will fight this procrastination problem and get more consistent with my blogging.  Hang in there…. I am working on it.  The funny thing is this is my 50th post I have written and posted.  That averages out to one follower per post.  LOL )

Do you want to work or get something done at home? What is your ;home’ work ethic like? Do you have tricks?

A Visual To Do List

(How do you keep track of all the things you want to do?  Lists/journal/calendars?)

So this is what I bought.  What do I have planned?

IMG_20190924_132748   Ignore the clipboard.

This all started with a video I watched on YouTube.  It was talking about how not all people organize the same way.  The speaker said she discovered four different ways people prefer to organize.

There are two main styles.  Some people want their items put away where it can’t be seen: closets/cupboards/file cabinets/drawers.  And there are some people that need their things organized out in the open where they can see the items.

Then there are two subcategories to organize farther.  Both subcategories have to do with organizing by liked items.   The first organizing category is to have everything in its own place.   EX.  This would be having a filing drawer for bills, with each type of bill having their own folder: car payments, light payments, credit card payments and so on.  The second category is less detailed.  EX.  This filing drawer would have one folder with all the bills no matter where they came from.

It dawned on me that I think I am mostly an out in the open type of organizer (except in the kitchen).  If something is out of sight, then I am very likely to forget about it.  That is how I end up buying double of things I already have.  My subcategory is I want everything to have its own place, though I think I am too lazy for that.  I will not know for sure till I actually get more organized with my stuff.

When my husband got home that night I told him about the video and told him I think I am the kind of person that need things organized out in the open.  His response was, ‘Yes! (duh)’  Like I should have know that all along.  Though it was right that second that it dawned on me how true that was.  My favorite quotes are taped to my bedroom wall, my personal goals are taped to the wall behind the computer and now this new project.

I usually write my to do list in a flip folder (a process I learned about 4 years ago from a YouTuber – forgot his name) along with some other information.   After writing my To Do List I usually put the notebook aside.  Once I put it aside and not have it right in front of me the % of me getting my list down has dropped 80%.  It is awful.  I put the work into making the list and then actually forget all about it as other things during the day take my attention.

I was thinking that I needed something more in my face.  Something that was hard for me to ignore.  This is when this idea came to me.

It took me a few days thinking about the concept before going to the store and even then I didn’t know exactly what would work.  The first picture (above) is what I ended up coming home with.  And this is what I ended up making.

IMG_20190926_135412  The purple and red one are for the activities I want to get done on a weekly bases.

Let me explain how it works.  I write on little post-its the activity I want to do.  It starts in the top blue area each morning.  As I do them during the day I move the activity post-it to the green area.  By the end of each day I can see how much I have gotten done and how much I didn’t.

This really helps me on tough days where it feels like I got nothing done during the day.  Looking at the Visual To Do List I can see that I have moved tabbies into the green.  That means at least I got something done during the day.  It makes me feel better.


Also, at the end of the night, if I still have several things to do, I can usually fit 1-3 more things in before I head to bed.  Since starting this I have drank more water in the last month than I have in the last 6 months.  Health wise it has really helped.

I was worried that the little post-its would only be able to be moved a few times before losing their stickiness.  It has been a month now and my original ones are still working.  I made sure to buy something that had a more plastic surface (less porous) and not paper.  That way the post-its last longer.

In another part of the house I have used plastic page protectors and colored printer paper.  So if you can’t find the right plasticky dividers, then use the page protectors since they are easier to locate.


What things did I write on my post-its?  I wrote things I want to do on a daily bases.  The blue post-its are health related and the orange are chores.  I plan to add more if this is something I will keep doing, though I knew not to overdue it or else it would be too hard to make it a habit.

IMG_20191025_080801  There are 8 waters, 2 exercises, a fruit and a veggie for health (blue).  Chores (orange) includes: clean cat box (I want to do it before my husband does it.), wash dishes and put away dishes.  I am not much of a house keeper.

Side note:  When I first started I only had 4 waters on the chart, though I decided to do 8 because in the future my goal is to drink 8 glasses of water.  Right now those water post-its do not relate to cups of water.  Again, if I started too hard I would not do it.  Each water is worth 5 swallows of water.  Every time I drink water and take 5+ big swallows, then I can move the tab to the green.  Because I chose to start with little steps I am drinking much more water now.

You will want to make this chart personal to you and your situation by picking activities you want to get done on a daily bases.

The system has been working for me, but not as well as I hoped.  It has been over a month and I am still using it, though it is easy to ignore since it is not the only thing I have on my wall.  I will say getting something colorful has helped it stand out a lot.  I still have to make an effort to look at the list and get it done.  It is so easy to make other choices.  Example:  Drinking coffee instead of my water.  And not carving out time to do proper exercises.

I know I am a creature of habit, so I just need to make it into a habit.  Easy Peesy, right?

How do you keep track of all the things you want to do?  Lists/journal/calendars?


Happy New Year 2019

(What do you want to achieve this year?)

I keep fighting to make my life and self better, though those bad habits, procrastination, laziness, and being unfocused, keep creeping back into my life.  I tell myself as long as I don’t give up then I will continue to improve and learn even if it is slower than I want.

I have heard the saying, ‘Tomorrow is a new day.’  So, each morning when I wake up I have the choice to make the changes I need for a better future.  In society and with me ‘Mondays’ seem to be more powerful than just tomorrow.

On Monday I will start to change my life.  I seem to renew my goals for a Monday more often than any other day.  Though starting on New Year Day is the most powerful of all to me.

The week leading up to New Years I make sure I have evaluated how I did on my resolutions for the year ending and think hard about what I want for the new year.  I have always kept my resolutions on my wall in my bedroom so I can read them easily.  Even though they are within view I start to ignore them as the year passes.

This year they are on my wall right behind my computer so I will be staring at them almost daily.  For the first time this year I wrote words around the edge of my Resolutions.  So, even though I don’t stop to read the actual resolutions I see the words in bright pink.

The words are Create  Focus  Productivity.  At the bottom is a word that I believe that if I follow the action of these words I will achieve.  Freedom

A New Year is here and I am so stoked.  Though in the back of my mind a voice is trying to break through to say.  You will fail.  You know you’ll fall right back into your old habits.  As I was writing this I thought of the lyric from This is Me,  ‘I will take a flood and drown them out!’

I watched The Greatest Showman on Jan 2nd and it has given me a message right when I needed it.  The movie is about having dreams and fighting for them no matter how often you get knocked down.  It is about accepting yourself as you are.  It is about not giving up.  These were messages I needed to hear going into 2019.

I am excited about the direction I want to go with my online journey.  Again, as every year I will take my 2019 resolutions off the wall after Christmas and evaluate how much I have accomplished with each one. 

I am expecting 2019 to be a great year.  Hang around and see what happens.

Happy New Year Everyone!

What do you want to achieve this year?

Barnes & Noble: A Store I Love

Barnes and Noble

(Do you love Barnes & Noble or do you have your own favorite book store?)

I found out 5 days ago that my neighborhood Barnes and Noble is going to close in 1 month.  The day I found out I was crying off and on all day.  The unhappiness lasted through the weekend.  I can’t imagine the store not being here.  I haven’t been coming as often as when I was homeschooling, but it is one of my favorite places to go.   I will be missing many things in this store.

I decided to try to get here as often as I can before they close.  In fact, I decided to bring my computer today and write a blog post.  I was wondering what I was going to write about and I decided why not write about my beloved book store.  

Right now I am sitting in their Starbucks looking out onto the magazine section.  I have heard many years ago that magazines were dying out.  Looking at this section you would never know it.  This store has 3 isles of magazines.  Even though I am not much of a magazine person I love perusing the titles.  There are magazines written for almost every topic.

I will be missing the laid back feel I get when I come here.  I walk through the front doors and I feel a calm come over me.  In this hustle and bustle world this is my reprieve.  I don’t come here nearly enough for my liking because the world keeps calling me away.

Well, now my choice is being taken away.  I didn’t come here enough, though I knew it was here for me when I was able to break away and come to my favorite store.  Now what am I going to do?

 I love books and I love the library, though you have to be quiet in the library.  Sitting here I love to hear the chatter of conversations.  Children talking about a book they are looking at.  Also, if I happen to sneeze or squeak my chair I am not disturbing the whole place.

I love being around real books.  To see how many authors there are out there is amazing.  Then to realize how much work must have went into writing each of these books.  The authors share a part of themselves and their knowledge in each book.  I get awed looking around.  And someday I hope to be a book author and have people see my stories.  But for now I am happy to be around other authors.      

I like to walk up and down the aisles and see topics that one day I would like to learn more about or seeing books on topics that I can’t believe got published.  I learn thing just walking the aisles without even opening a book.  And when I find the book I want to read it feels like I found a treasure.  I am excited to get home and start reading.

My senses are at work when I walk the aisles also.  The smell of new books and the rainbow of colors on the shelves is part of the experience.  It feels magical to me to walk up and down the rows of books. 

I will really miss this place.  I don’t know where else I can go that is close to home that will give me the calm feeling and happiness I feel when I come here.  Why is this happening?  Why is Barnes & Noble closing?  Borders couldn’t survive.  And now is Barnes and Noble following suit?  As I look around I see that this store hasn’t changed much.  They have been here 13 years and during that time they got a Starbucks put in.  The overall layout and feel is about the same.

They have a real good size Music and DVD section.  I know people are still buying them though they are buying them less due to so many other choices.  I see no technology in this place.  The newer generation is growing with tech in their hand. 

As I sit here and look around about 80% of the people I see are 50 and above.  About 5% are children.  10 % are people about 30 years old.  Where are the young people?  (lol … two teens just walked in.  I wonder what section they are headed toward?)

I want B&N to start fighting.  I want them in get creative and innovative to get the younger crowd in without destroying what the older crowd loves.  I want everyone to realize what a great place a book store can be.

That is my hope.  That someone, hopefully, Barnes and Noble will come up with the perfect formula so I can still come and be surrounded by my beloved books.  I do own a nook, so lately more of my books are electronic, but that is because my house is full of books and I don’t have room for more.  Yet!  I hope to build a little library in my house, but that has been a dream for about 15 years now and it hasn’t happened yet. 

I hope to buy a new Nook before this store closes.  I love my nook!  It is one of the best things I have ever bought. (I actually think I got it for Christmas, but it was on my list.)  Though going through a list of books to decide what I am going to read next is not exciting.  I often take my Nook to B&N and look around the store and when I see something I like I will look it up on the Nook, read the comments, or start reading it.  The nook lets me read for a little while before I need to buy the book when I am in the store. 

 Well, good-bye store.  I will have many fond memories, though I will be sad every time I pass by this building.  What will take your place?  I know nothing that will give me the same feeling.  Barnes and Noble fight to keep your hold on all the stores you have left.  Fight to get creative and think out of the box to be competitive in this market place.

Get it together so you can come back to my neighborhood and reopen a store.  I will miss you greatly.  Good luck in your journey.

Do you love Barnes & Noble or do you have your own favorite book store?


(Did you know this?)

It started out as a normal day.  I went to work for a few hours, then came home and was going to go somewhere fun with my husband in a couple hours.  Since I had time I was just watching some YouTube videos.  I came across one from Mike Rowe who was on the show ‘Dirty Jobs’.  I really loved that show.  Anyways, in his talk he mentioned a dirty job he went on.  It was at a farm and it so happened the day he was filming it was when the farm needed to do its lamb castrations.  Mike Rowe usually didn’t study for the jobs he was going to do, but this one he looked up how lamb castrations are done.  The procedure he found, that was widely accepted, was tying a rubber band tightly around the scrotum and tail.  In a week it should fall off.  So far I was understand without any revelations.

Then Mike gets to the farm and the farmer is doing it a different way.  He cuts off the tail and pulls out the testicles with his teeth.  Yes, gross.  I was so into the story that the information still didn’t hit me.  He kept talking about it.  Then it hit me…..


WHAT?  I thought sheep were born with no tails, like the Corgi dog.  Which I also just found out that there is a breed of Corgi that is born with tails.

Back to sheep.  I have gone half a century believing that sheep are born without tails.  My world is different now.  I love sheep and would like to own a few.  Now, I want a sheep with a tail.

My world will never be the same.  How could I not know this.  It boggles my mind.  I go to the Puyallup Fair and I have never seen any information about sheep having tails.  I had to see if there were any pictures online.  Yep, a lot of sheep and lambs with tails.

I still can’t believe, SHEEP HAVE TAILS !!!


My World was Shaken- sheepjpg

Did you know that sheep are born with tails?  Why didn’t anyone tell me?  How could this be unknown to me?      SHEEP HAVE TAILS  !!!

A New Experience: New Food

Have you ever tried this or wanted to try?

This morning I didn’t want to eat my regular breakfast.  Almost every day I eat oatmeal for breakfast.  When I am not in the mood for oatmeal I will have cereal or a frozen breakfast sandwich.  Sundays my husband usually makes us a breakfast.  So, 6 days a week my breakfasts breakdown to about…  92% is oatmeal, 4% is cereal, 2% is breakfast sandwich and then 2% is whatever I can figure out making (I don’t like cooking).

This morning I was not in the mood for any of my regular breakfasts.  I was thinking about cooking eggs, but my stove was a bit cluttered and did I mention I don’t like cooking?  I had a banana that has been around for about 3 days now and I knew my breakfast was going to include a banana.  All of a sudden I got a craving.  I couldn’t believe that I was craving this meal.  I have thought about this for years, but never had the desire to try it. This morning the craving was strong.  I am following my interests more these days, so I started to look through the kitchen to see if I had everything I needed.  Luckily, it only needed 3 ingredients.

I remember growing up and hearing that Elvis loved eating this.  Well, now I want to experience what Elvis had.  I toasted 2 pieces of toast, cut my banana into slices and grabbed a jar from the pantry.

Do you know what I had for breakfast?

I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich. (I did an open faced one.)  And OH MY!  This is going to go into my rotation of breakfast choices.  This open faced sandwich was so easy to make.  Luckily, I don’t consider putting bread into a toaster cooking.  Though I do consider slicing as cooking, but I can do a banana without a cutting board, so very doable.

I enjoyed my breakfast immensely.  Only took me decades to get brave enough to try it. Where the strong craving came from is still a mystery, but I am really glad it did.

So, have you tried a peanut butter and banana sandwich or want to?

Tangent: RVing

(Have you ever taken off on a long RV trip or want to go RVing?)

I have so many things I am trying to do right now.  My main focus is that I want to be RVing.  Not just a week but weeks or a month at a time.  I want to see our great United States.  I have wanted to explore the US as long as I could remember.  There are a few places I would like to see outside the US like: Egypt (the pyramids), Mexico (The Mayan Ruins), and Australia (koala bears, my favorite animal).  I have never really wanted to visit Paris, London, or France.  I would much rather see and experience my own country.

I stumbled across videos of people that have sold their homes and are currently traveling the world in RVs.  So, now I  want an RV.  The problem, besides not being able to afford one at this moment, is that I am working at a job that is not able to be done on the road. That means I need to find a new career that will allow me to travel.

I go back to YouTube to research options on how to make money online. My top 4 choices is: opening an ecommerce affiliate store, trading stocks as a swing trader (I have been wanting to do this for about a decade), youtube videos, and blogging.  I do not know a whole lot about any of these, though I do know more than I did about 6 months ago.  I have started working on an ecommerce store and played with my phone to do videos.  I am jumping in carefully and since I don’t have much capital to back it up I am going slow and inexpensively.

The open road is calling me though.  I must push on and get these new income earners up and running.

Have you ever taken off on a long RV trip or want to go RVing?

Technology: Google on the Cell Phone

(Tell me what is the last question you’ve Googled and what did you learn?)

I am NOT a techie and I always seem behind on new technology.  One of the features we have had for a while is Google Search on our smart phones.  It has taken me a couple of years to start using it consistently.  I would often joke with my husband, “If only we had a handheld device that I could look up that information.”  He would respond, “We do!”
The last half of this year I have been using Google Search on my phone much more than before.  Previously I would have a question, but by the time I got to my computer I would have forgotten what it was.  Now that I can check right away, I am learning so much and loving it.

The question I had tonight was, ‘How much oxygen does a tree make?’

Google answered, “On average one tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year.  Two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four….”
Then farther down the page it says, “Explain to students that rainforest are responsible for roughly one-third (28%) of the Earth’s oxygen but most (70%) of the oxygen in the atmosphere is produced by marine plants.  The remaining 2 percent of the Earth’s oxygen comes from other sources”

I have had this question come to my mind many times over the past decade. I finally have an answer.  Now, I know it is really important to keep the planet’s marine plants healthy.

Tell me what is the last question you’ve Googled and what did you learn?

Going on a Tangent

(What is the current tangent that you want to follow?)

At times my brain goes a million miles an hour.  It is thinking of 3-5 different things at a time.  This may explain why I have a hard time focusing and getting a task done.  Even though this may sound like a disadvantage, I love the creativeness that comes from my random thoughts.  These thoughts will lead to activities (tangents) I want to try.

I decided to look up the definition of this word. Tangent:
a completely different line of thought or action:
                    “he quickly went off on a tangent about wrestling”

My thoughts often go off on tangents.  In the post titled “Missed Opportunities and Adventures” I called following these tangents as following your passion.  Whatever you decide to call them: Tangents, passions, rabbit trails… start following them.

As of 5 months ago I have really tried to follow all the interesting tangents that I think up and I plan to start sharing the multitude of tangents with you in upcoming post.

What is the current tangent that you want to follow?