Simple Mistakes Cost Time

(What was the most frustrating thing to you while setting up your blog?)

Today I was trying to figure out how to set up the menu on my site.  It took forever or what seemed like forever.  It actually took about an hour.  I am reading two different instructions to try to understand the concept.  I thought I did it right, though after pressing the add to menu button I head to my website and nothing has changed.  I go back and read some more and try again.

Nothing happened.

After making frustrating noises and gestures a half hour later I finally decided to give up and work on something else.  I go to leave the page and it says that I will lose my work because it was not saved!        I FORGOT TO PRESS THE SAVE BUTTON!!!!!

My husband who programs computers really gave me a hard time.  He saw how I struggled and all for not pressing a save button.

Have I mentioned that computers and I are not the best of friends?  Well, I am going to do this blog and not give up.

The feeling of success is WONDERFUL.  The part of the menu I was fiddling with is working just like I imagined it would.  I am so proud of myself.

What was the most frustrating thing to you while setting up your blog?

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