Living with No Regrets


(Have you watched videos that have spoken to you at the moment you needed it?)

I want to declutter and downsize.  To help motivate me I have been watching ‘living simple’ and ‘minimalist’ videos.  I have enjoyed listening to them, though there were three I watched in the last couple of days that were saying exactly what I needed to hear.

The first was from ‘The Boss of the Swamp’ ( – his youtube channel ).  I ended up watching about 4 of his videos yesterday.  Though the first one I watched is ‘Simple Living  One Man’s Perspective’. (  He talked about living his dreams.  He talked about working toward his next dream.  He wants to live without regrets.  You may not want to live in the country, but living without regrets is a worthwhile pursuit.  The only thing that makes me sad is that I am learning this in my 50’s.  Though if I look on the bright side it is better than not learning it at all.

I recently wrote the blog ‘Missed Opportunities and Adventures’ found under my Life blog link.  Since I have written that I have been following my passions better.  I plan to not let life get in the way of what I am interested in learning and hopefully doing.

The second video I watched was ‘Peter Owen Jones: How to Live a Simple Life’.  ( )

He challenged himself to live without money for 3 months.  He worked for most of the things he needed.  He found out he didn’t need as much as he use to have.  He learned that when relying on other people you lose your ego and become humble.  He also found that he spent more time with people and this made his life richer.

So, yesterday my husband decided to BBQ.  I usually stay inside while he cooks, but yesterday I decided to keep him company.  My neighbor came out into their backyard with their 3 year old.  I love children that age, but even though my neighbor and I like each other we don’t talk much.  But yesterday I said Hi and the mom, the 3 year old and I played Frisbee together.  It was only for 10 mins. though it was so fun and it filled me with more joy then just staying in the house.

I have heard that people on their death beds regret not spending more time with loved ones.  I don’t want to be one of those.

The last video was pretty short and straight forward.  It was called ‘Beginner.s Guide to Minimalism>> inspiration to get started’ ( )

This video told me that I could call myself a minimalist right now.  Even though looking around my house you would laugh at that statement.  Thoughts and words are powerful.  So if I call myself a minimalist now, then hopefully my brain will start to believe it and I will start acting and looking like one.

I am excited for this new adventure in discovery.  Let’s see where this takes me.

Have you watched videos that have spoken to you at the moment you needed it?


Missed Opportunities and Adventures

Missed Opportunities and Adventures

(What is or was your passion that you have followed? Where did it lead you?)

I have noticed that I go through phases in my life when I am really excited about doing or learning something, but then never follow through thinking that I will do it later. But then my excitement wanes and I end up not really wanting to do it. I often feel sad that I didn’t follow the passion when it hit me.

I am excited that when I thought about making a blog I went ahead and did it. I am very proud of myself. It would have been very easy not to try at all. It was hard and frustrating those first couple of weeks as I researched how to do one.

I have now thought of something else I wanted to look into and I almost talked myself out of it, but I decided to go for it. I am just looking to get more information though to do that I needed to reach out to someone.  It was scary, may be a little embarrassing, and out of my comfort zone.  Why should I let that stop me?

“It never hurts to ask.” Right?

I think I am going to try to follow these passions more often. Who knows where they will lead me or how much fun I am going to have along the way.

What is or was your passion that you have followed? Where did it lead you?


(When has your enthusiasm not helped you?)

I wanted to declutter my house, though it is overwhelming and I could never get myself to do it for long.  Then about 2 weeks ago I decided that if I blog about it and get some friends and strangers rooting me on I would be able to finally accomplish it.
While taking hours and days to figure out where to blog and then figuring out how to set up my blog page I noticed I was eating less.  Ummm, I thought.  I wonder if decluttering will help me lose weight, I decided to kind of keep track of my weight in a blog and see if there is a correlation.

Since I was just starting to blog maybe I should blog about starting a blog?
But there were real life situations that will come up and since my site is titled ‘Inside Diane’s Life’ maybe I should blog about my life also.

Am I taking on too much?  Losing focus?  Getting distracted?   Sounds like how my regular life goes.

I am going to try to mostly focus on decluttering, but take a break off and on and blog about the other topics.  I also just decided I want to make some projects out of wood and may start a blog.    I have gotten out of control.

Stay with me and see if I can manage my enthusiasm.

When has your enthusiasm not helped you?