Days Blurring Together During Lock-in?

Jail bars

(Have your days and weeks been blurring together?  Does your day go by with nothing special to talk about?  What do you think about my ‘special days’?  Tell me your thoughts and share your stories if you are joining me.)

My days have been just going by without any fanfare and each day is over before I know it.  I guess I can be grateful because it could be that the day drags on with no end in sight.  Even though I have been laid off of both my jobs I can still tell the difference between the weekdays and the weekends.  This is because my husband still has a job. (Knock on wood)

He works from home Monday through Friday, but on the weekends his routine is different.  He isn’t sitting in front of his computer all day and that is how I know the weekend has come.  If it wasn’t for him all my days would feel the same.  I am grateful, though I want to know which day it is on my own without needing to relying on my husband.

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching JazzWeath, a stock market channel on YouTube and it mentioned a nickname for Tuesdays.  They were calling it Turn-Around Tuesdays because the stock market seemed to like to turn around on Tuesdays.  I thought it was cute though didn’t think much more about it.  I heard it again this week.  The next day, I started thinking whether I can have my days have meaning?

So I started to brainstorm what names I could give to the days of the week.  It was harder than I thought because I wanted the first letter of the word I came up with to match the first letter of the day.  I first had to think up activities that I could do each day.  I was looking for words for exercise, learn, and pamper among others.  First, I used a thesaurus to try to find synonyms that would match the letter I wanted to use.

That technique helped with a couple of days, though I couldn’t get all the words I needed.  For the last 2-3, I just started looking through words that started with the day’s first letter.  For example, I was looking through F words for Friday (don’t think dirty) and I found one that could work.  I was so excited.

I figured out words to use and now I have an activity I can do each day.  This way my week won’t just go by with nothing to show for it.  This list might change if I come up with better words to use.  Below I will explain each day.  Though before I share it with you I want to say that Wednesday’s matching word is the one I like the least.  It works, but without the explanation, it sounds negative.

Here it is as it stands on April 27th, 2020.

Meaningful Monday:
Mondays are the beginning of the week.  Make it meaningful by reaching out and doing something nice.  This could be calling a friend, shooting a text to someone you haven’t talked to for a while, giving (sending) a present to a loved one, offering a neighbor some help, or donating to a good cause.  The idea is doing something for someone else to make this day meaningful. Get your creative juices going.

Teasing Tuesday:
It is good to laugh.  On Tuesday find something funny.  A joke, comic, or meme, something that puts a smile on your face.  This day would be better if the laugh was shared with a friend.  Maybe start a Teasing Tuesday exchange?

Withdrawal Wednesday: (I want a better name)
This day is for recharging your batteries.  Some of us are giving a lot of ourselves to family, parents, and just trying to keep everything together.  Some of us are giving too much of ourselves to worrying.  Personally, I am giving too much of myself to YouTube and Netflix.

Withdrawal stands for taking time for yourself.  It could be for 1 hour or half the day.  Think about what you need to refill your batteries so you can take care of the things and people you need to.  For me, it is getting away from the computer and having some quiet time so my brain can get creative.  That makes me happy, though not easy for me to do.

Thankful Thursday:
This is exactly what it sounds like.  Find 5 things to be grateful about.  If it is a really hard day, then one will do.  Some people are having easier times than others as we go through this strange period in history, but there is usually one thing you can find to be grateful for.

Focus Friday:
Being in the house and doing the same thing every day is not the best for us humans.  We are creatures that thrive when we learn new things and move.  Even though sometimes we have to push ourselves to do these activities that are good for us.  Focus Fridays are for finding something new to learn.  You can practice it through the week, but if the week gets away from you just make sure to practice it on Fridays.  Whether for 20 mins or 3 hours it doesn’t matter, just get your brain working and challenge yourself.

Spectacular Saturday:
We are bombarded with bad or uncertain news daily.  Even when we get the news that our cities are going to open up it is still scary.  Today is a day to look for good news.  Find a news article about someone doing good or something good happening in your community or city.  I know I need to hear good news or else I am more fearful and sad.  If nothing else go watch some cute cat videos.  Cats are still around and doing happy things.

Send good vibes Sunday: (Yes, wordy I know.)
This is the day to just send good vibes out into the community, city, and everywhere.  Think about other people and send happy thoughts.  If you have a higher power that you believe in then send the good vibes that direction and let the higher power pass it along.
I am a God girl, so I will be praying for friends, family, and everyone.  What we are going through right now is worldwide.


I know this will go down in the history books and I am so amazed that I am living through a historic event.  I know there will be an end to this and I hope we come out of it stronger and wiser than when we first got locked away.

I think I am about to wrap this up, though first I wanted to tell you that when I was first thinking about words for the days I must have been in a slightly melancholy mood because my first ideas were Sad Saturday, Moody Mondays, Talkback Tuesdays, and Whiney Wednesday.  After writing them down I decided that is not how I want my week to go.  I want to be heading to the positive side of life and not down a dark hole.

I hope you will follow me into positivity and share with me what you will be doing.  If I get my act together I may share this on my other platforms daily.  Instagram may be first, but we will see.  I put a list of my social media names below if you want to check what I decide to do each day.  I am going to try hard to share my progress each day.

Follow me:
Facebook:   Inside Diane’s Life                      Instagram:   insidedianeslife
Twitter:   DeeLitePony  (I know its different and more my personal page)

Today is Monday and today I am going to contact 3 people in my contact list.  Since I have been locked away I have only contacted about 10 out of the 40 people in my contacts.  I plan to start with my friends that begin with the letter A and work on it weekly.  What are you going to do on #MeaningfulMonday ?

Take care everyone and I will be sending you good vibes on Sunday (maybe even before).

Have your days and weeks been blurring together?  Does your day go by with nothing special to talk about?  What do you think about my ‘special days’?  Tell me your thoughts and share your stories if you are joining me.