Barnes & Noble: A Store I Love

Barnes and Noble

(Do you love Barnes & Noble or do you have your own favorite book store?)

I found out 5 days ago that my neighborhood Barnes and Noble is going to close in 1 month.  The day I found out I was crying off and on all day.  The unhappiness lasted through the weekend.  I can’t imagine the store not being here.  I haven’t been coming as often as when I was homeschooling, but it is one of my favorite places to go.   I will be missing many things in this store.

I decided to try to get here as often as I can before they close.  In fact, I decided to bring my computer today and write a blog post.  I was wondering what I was going to write about and I decided why not write about my beloved book store.  

Right now I am sitting in their Starbucks looking out onto the magazine section.  I have heard many years ago that magazines were dying out.  Looking at this section you would never know it.  This store has 3 isles of magazines.  Even though I am not much of a magazine person I love perusing the titles.  There are magazines written for almost every topic.

I will be missing the laid back feel I get when I come here.  I walk through the front doors and I feel a calm come over me.  In this hustle and bustle world this is my reprieve.  I don’t come here nearly enough for my liking because the world keeps calling me away.

Well, now my choice is being taken away.  I didn’t come here enough, though I knew it was here for me when I was able to break away and come to my favorite store.  Now what am I going to do?

 I love books and I love the library, though you have to be quiet in the library.  Sitting here I love to hear the chatter of conversations.  Children talking about a book they are looking at.  Also, if I happen to sneeze or squeak my chair I am not disturbing the whole place.

I love being around real books.  To see how many authors there are out there is amazing.  Then to realize how much work must have went into writing each of these books.  The authors share a part of themselves and their knowledge in each book.  I get awed looking around.  And someday I hope to be a book author and have people see my stories.  But for now I am happy to be around other authors.      

I like to walk up and down the aisles and see topics that one day I would like to learn more about or seeing books on topics that I can’t believe got published.  I learn thing just walking the aisles without even opening a book.  And when I find the book I want to read it feels like I found a treasure.  I am excited to get home and start reading.

My senses are at work when I walk the aisles also.  The smell of new books and the rainbow of colors on the shelves is part of the experience.  It feels magical to me to walk up and down the rows of books. 

I will really miss this place.  I don’t know where else I can go that is close to home that will give me the calm feeling and happiness I feel when I come here.  Why is this happening?  Why is Barnes & Noble closing?  Borders couldn’t survive.  And now is Barnes and Noble following suit?  As I look around I see that this store hasn’t changed much.  They have been here 13 years and during that time they got a Starbucks put in.  The overall layout and feel is about the same.

They have a real good size Music and DVD section.  I know people are still buying them though they are buying them less due to so many other choices.  I see no technology in this place.  The newer generation is growing with tech in their hand. 

As I sit here and look around about 80% of the people I see are 50 and above.  About 5% are children.  10 % are people about 30 years old.  Where are the young people?  (lol … two teens just walked in.  I wonder what section they are headed toward?)

I want B&N to start fighting.  I want them in get creative and innovative to get the younger crowd in without destroying what the older crowd loves.  I want everyone to realize what a great place a book store can be.

That is my hope.  That someone, hopefully, Barnes and Noble will come up with the perfect formula so I can still come and be surrounded by my beloved books.  I do own a nook, so lately more of my books are electronic, but that is because my house is full of books and I don’t have room for more.  Yet!  I hope to build a little library in my house, but that has been a dream for about 15 years now and it hasn’t happened yet. 

I hope to buy a new Nook before this store closes.  I love my nook!  It is one of the best things I have ever bought. (I actually think I got it for Christmas, but it was on my list.)  Though going through a list of books to decide what I am going to read next is not exciting.  I often take my Nook to B&N and look around the store and when I see something I like I will look it up on the Nook, read the comments, or start reading it.  The nook lets me read for a little while before I need to buy the book when I am in the store. 

 Well, good-bye store.  I will have many fond memories, though I will be sad every time I pass by this building.  What will take your place?  I know nothing that will give me the same feeling.  Barnes and Noble fight to keep your hold on all the stores you have left.  Fight to get creative and think out of the box to be competitive in this market place.

Get it together so you can come back to my neighborhood and reopen a store.  I will miss you greatly.  Good luck in your journey.

Do you love Barnes & Noble or do you have your own favorite book store?

2 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble: A Store I Love

  1. bluebikeyikes December 19, 2018 / 8:01 pm

    I’m so sorry that Barnes and Nobles near you is closing 😦 It’s my favorite store too


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