Less Stress… Less Weight?

4/8/2017                                            weight: 246

(Has anyone lost weight by decluttering or owning less?)

As I was starting to blog and starting to declutter I noticed I was starting to eat less.  Why?

Maybe I am just distracted with learning something new.  Maybe I am feeling better because I am getting things accomplished?  I often eat to avoid doing something I don’t want to.

Well,  I am going to keep track of my weight and see if it goes down as the number of my possessions get less.   I am just curious.

Has anyone lost weight by decluttering or owning less?



Day Number Three 4/1/2017

I have decided to quit blogging.   April Fools.

I know you will read this past April 1st because I haven’t decided where to put my blog yet.  I now know how I want it to function, though not sure whether to buy my own website or go to a free blogging system which will give me less freedom.
I am still investigating.

I worked today and Saturday afternoons is for my family, though again today I washed dishes.  I can’t tell you how good it feels to just do that.  I also washed out our coffee pot which had coffee stains on the inside.  It is so pretty.

That is it for today.  Have a good night.

Day Number One- (my first project) 3/30/2017

Day One….  My first Project              3/30/2017

(What small project can you declutter?  Come along my journey with me so you can help me stay motivated and maybe get motivated yourself.)

     I have read that you should start fast and big, so you can get as much done before you lose your desire.  Though most of the articles I have read and/or  watched say start slow.  Getting even a small project done will help.  It will help you get started, help you have success, help you feel good and help you get that little section of your house decluttered and maybe even organized.


I have decided to start with a basket in my bathroom full of toiletries.  Each one of my family members have one.  We are a little family of three.  I will tackle my basket on the right.


I believe it was in the book, ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing’, she talks about putting your items in the middle of the floor and then decide where to put the items.

I  thought that would be a great idea for this project.  After doing that I decided what is really suppose to belong in my basket and what was not.

I kept about 1/2 the contents, 1/4 was in the wrong place, 1/4 garbage and one item I decided to give away.

20170330_123854Items that were in the wrong place

20170330_123820Garbage items (I reused 2 of the ziplocks)

I am very proud of my basket.  It was just one little drop of water in my big cluttered bucket, but I got that drop taken care of and am very proud of myself.

What small project can you declutter?  Come along my journey with me so you can help me stay motivated and maybe get motivated yourself.

Day Number One (the back story) 3/30/2017

Please join me on my adventure and share your adventure with me.

I have been thinking about decluttering for quite a while now.  Many many decades in fact.  Yes, I had bouts of cleaning and organizing and even giving a few things away, but most of the time it just got recluttered.
Last year I worked a week on my pantry, which is a walk in, and I am still very proud of it.  It does get cluttered, but it really starts to bother me and I get in there and tidy up.  It is my proudest section of the house.

Though recently I am now starting to feel like I can really do it.  As in I can really start getting rid of things.  Things I hold on for sentimental reasons, like a broken cassette tape that my ex said he expressed his feelings on when he wanted me back, but he broke the cassette before I could listen to it.  I had kept onto it hoping to fix it and listen to it.  Though now being married for 27 years it feels like I can get rid of it….. if I could find it.

I have been watching the trend toward tiny houses and also the minimalist movement.  I know I do not need everything I own and everything I own is not making me happy.  I want to be happy when I get home, feel relaxed and feel proud.
So about 1 week ago I started to binge watch decluttering videos on youtube.  These are the ones I have connected with:
The Minimalist (learned about them about 4 months ago)
Gayle Goddard    (She has a decluttering Meetup in Texas that she video tapes)
Home Organizing by Alejandra  (She has a decluttering system you can buy,   though if not I like her because she mentioned that she got depressed by  her clutter.  She knows it is hard.)
ClutterBug   ( I like her energy.  Seems very down to earth and I loved the rants   she goes on…. at least the ones I have seen)
Break the Twitch    ( I have only watches 2 videos, though he mentions at not only  is physical clutter a problem, but also other clutter.  Like checking your  phone or computer a lot to check your social media and losing hours of  productive time.  I look forward to watching more of his.)
Peter Walsh    (He has a 31 days to get organized challenge.)
Life is Organized   (like her presence and she also talks about reaching goals in  general.)

These have helped me feel like I can do this.  I also like to journal and I think journaling my progress will help me to keep going forward.  I also hope to put this in a blog and be able to talk to people in my situation and who is starting on this adventure of getting their house in order.

Please join me on my adventure and share your adventure with me.