I Begin Again: Decuttering

(Do you have shoes to go through?  After you do tell me how many you tossed/donated?)

Well, I am finally back.  I have hardly done any decluttering.  That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking and planning.  I have been working extra hours at one of my jobs, then went on a week vacation with my family.  Though mostly I just couldn’t get myself to do anything.

My plan was for me to get my jobs situated and work a little less during the summer so I can work on projects.  One of those projects is to declutter.  I have less work hours right now SO….

Here I go!  My first project is to go through our shoes and declutter/minimize.

I forgot to take a picture before I started.  This picture is when I have already taken some out of the wood shoe shelving.  Also to the left of the wood shelf is our black rolling shoe rack that usually hides behind the cat tree.


I ended up throwing away 8 pairs of shoes.  I think I could have done 2 more, though did not have the constitution to do it.  8 pairs in the garbage may sound like a lot to you, because I know it does to me.  Let me tell you how I deal with my shoes.  I buy a new pair of shoes when my old ones develop holes.  I will keep the shoes I am replacing just in case my feet get sore in the new ones or in case something happens to my new shoes.  Well, I have been doing that for the last 7 pairs of shoes without getting rid of the extra pair.  I was happy that even though I threw a lot away I was able to donate 3 pairs.  YEA!

Here is what the final product looks like.  Outside the wood shoe tower there were consistently 4-6 pairs of shoes on the floor.  Now only flip flops.  The black shoe rack is now back behind the cat tree.  This time just full of shoes we plan to use.


I feel pretty good about this project.

Do you have shoes to go through?  After you do tell me how many you tossed/donated?

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