My Favorite Song / What’s Yours?

(What is your all time favorite  song?  Is this a hard question or did you know right away?)

I have been asked several times by the children I work with what my favorite song is.  My mind would go to more recent songs, though none were my favorite.  Then I went back to my teen years when Journey was my favorite group.  Even though I loved their songs none were my all time favorite.

I saw the movie Baby Boss, which I enjoyed way more than I thought I would.  I laughed and squirmed through that movie.  At the end during the credits they played a song.  Instantly I remembered that IT was my favorite song.

I use to listen to part of this song during The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon.  As the program transferred from Jerry Lewis to the local station they use to play part of the song.  And this is where I fell in love with it.

Now I know!  Now I can say…  MY FAVORITE SONG IS:


I love this song because of the message.  I hope you like it to.  There are many videos on this song…  here is one.

( )

What is your all time favorite song?  Is this a hard question or did you know right away?

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