What is a Timebank?

(Have you talked yourself out of doing something that later you wished you had done?)

I was on Nextdoor  (Nextdoor.com) which is private social network that lets me and my neighbors talk online to each other.  We can share if we see suspicious people, if there is a break in, if we enjoyed a certain place or even if we have something to give away,

Today one of my neighbors suggested for me to check out this place online called Timebank.  I looked into it and found it intriguing.  How to explain?  It is a helping each other bank.  If I help someone, who asked for help, in the garden for an hour then I have 1 hour in the bank.  I can then find someone who is a member to help me for an hour with something I need.

I love this idea.  Besides it helping me get things I need help on without needing to save money for it, I will also become closer to the people in my community.  Maybe I won’t have to make that move to a small town to feel close to my neighbors.

Here is a link to learn more about it:   http://timebanks.org/

So, I went to the website.  I loved the idea, but even though I wanted to do it the small voices in my head said negative things like: I may not have much to offer, I work everyday… do I really have time and I am scared to do it.  If you have been watching my Life Blogs I am trying not to miss opportunities.  I wanted to join SO I DID!   I don’t want to go through life with anymore regrets.

If I decide that the Timebank is not for me or I really can’t find anytime to donate then I can leave.  Signing up was not a life sentence.

Have you talked yourself out of doing something that later you wished you had done?

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