Personality Test

(Have you ever done a personality test?)

I have gone though a couple of personality tests at different jobs.  My first one was at a preschool.  I guess some of the teachers were complaining about each other.  We were all co-worker friends, but some dealt with change better than others.  Some didn’t take constructive criticism well.    The director decided to have a person come over and do a personality test on the group.

After the talk/test I found out I was a helper.  I like things fair.  No one should be overlooked.  I was also a planner which mean I do not like sudden changes.  I like a back up plan.  A fellow teacher which was one of my better friends was a helper too.  One teacher (the K teacher) got her work done, went to school, and had many things on her plate and accomplished it all.  She couldn’t understand till this test why we were not getting it ALL done.  This test was a good thing and opened our eyes to how we think different and alike.

At another job the boss brought in a personality tester for the group.  There it was me that was singled out.  I was the only A personality in a sea of (7 employees) B personalities.  Before that I was getting a little bit frustrated not understanding my co-workers as well.

I have enjoyed these test and would recommend them if you are having trouble at work.

Have you ever done a personality test?  Did it help or open your eyes?



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