When is Your Best Time to Declutter?

(When is your best time to declutter/clean?)

I am finding right now it is hard for me to start my next decluttering project.  I am realizing that I do my best decluttering when I have time off and when I am alone.

Right now I do not have much time off and my husband works from home most of the week.  So, when do I find time to declutter?  I am a former morning person, though have turned to a kind of nighttime person.  I say kind of because I can stay up till 11- midnight, though I am super tired and can’t get anything done.  So, again when can I fit in decluttering without disturbing the household?

I have a friend that goes on late night cleaning/decluttering sprees because it is quiet in the house and she can concentrate.  It is a time she doesn’t need to entertain the children or stop to help anyone.  She is not getting phone calls at 2am.  If I could stay up and not be a zombie the next day it may work if my husband wasn’t a night owl.

As I am typing this I know that it is just an excuse.  I just don’t want to declutter.  I haven’t gone though my mail for about 3 weeks.  To help with the clutter of the mail piling up on the table, printer, my side table about 3 months ago I started to put all my mail in a Sterilite 15 quart container.  The family knows that all my mail needs to go in there.  This has helped a lot, though out of sight… out of mind.

I am glad I blogged this because I will now be going through my mail.  Thanks all for watching me and making me accountable.

Give me ideas how and when you get decluttering and cleaning done.

When is your best time to declutter/clean?


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