Easy Investing with Stash App and Why I Like it

(Have you been wanting to invest?  Are you curious about what companies are out there to help?  Are you ready to get started?)

Stash is an investing app that lets you buy fractional shares of ETFs and stocks from many established companies.  Stash makes it easy for investors to get started investing with as little as $5.  They also offer banking, retirement and custodian accounts.  Stash was founded in February 2015.  Eight months later in October 2016, it was launched on the iOS App Store and then on Android in March 2015.  Stash was created by Brandon Krieg, David Ronick, and Ed Robinson.

I actively use four different stock buying apps to trade and invest in stocks.  I use each company for a different reason.  This article is about my thoughts and experiences with Stash.  Stash is an app that I use mostly for investing in individual stocks.  I also have a few EFTs that are in my mix.  I mostly use Stash on my phone but it also can be accessed on my computer.  I prefer the easy access and usability of the phone app.

On my stock trading journey, I believe Stash was the second company that I signed up for.  I wanted it because it let me invest in partial shares instead of buying a whole share when investing.  I also liked it because it didn’t charge me per transaction.  Stash did charge a $1 monthly fee for their services.

Now, many companies have changed their policy and have decided not to charge any transaction fees, though it wasn’t like that when I started.  And at the time I didn’t trust or understood companies that gave away things for free.  It made me feel better and I trusted the company more because I was being charged and the fact I was only paying a dollar per month made it very affordable.

Stash and M1 Finance (I will write about M1 later) are the two companies that I use for long term investing.  I started with being a growth investor but found out that dividend investing is a better fit for me because I want monthly income when I go RVing.

I love my Stash.  It is the app I put most of my money in because it is so easy and I get to pick which stock I will buy.  I also have 4 stocks that are connected to Stash’s auto-deposit.  With this feature Stash puts $ (my choice) in the stocks I put on auto.  This feature has helped me keep my investing more consistent.

What are all the reasons I love my Stash?

*I love that I can just invest $5  (This has been a game-changer- mostly mentally)

*I love the numbers and feedback it gives me.  It tells me how much I have invested, how many shares I own and how much I have earned by growth in $ and %.  When the % goes down I can decide if I want to buy more.  This is made for my personality.

*Once my dividends reach $1, Stash will take out the monthly payment from the dividends instead of my bank account.

**Once my dividends reach $5 I can decide which stock I want to buy with my free/earned dividend money.

*They offer well-known Company stocks and EFTs that I can choose from. (I have looked for stocks that they don’t carry.  Most are newer, IPOs or more risky stocks)  I have found most of the ones I want.  KO, JNJ, Pepsi, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc…   If you are looking for an established company than they should have it.  Many people choose EFTs because they usually come with less risk.  Stash has many EFTs to choose from.
This is my all-time favorite investing app so far.  It is not perfect and has some things that I don’t like, but I am super happy with this app.

I have not tried taking any money out yet.  I have sold a stock but then reinvested the money into another stock.  Though when I was investigating this Company I found a few reviews about some people who had decided not to use the app anymore and they claim the company kept charging them the $1 monthly fee.  The reviews didn’t say how they notified the company about stopping their use.  They might have just deleted the app and expected the charges to stop or maybe they did end their membership properly and the company messed up?  I do not know.

Since I knew I wanted to be a long term investor, which meant that I planned to stay with the company, that it wasn’t going to be a problem I would have to deal with and joined.  Best decision I have made.  If only this was around 20 years ago I would have so much money in stocks.  I can dream.  Picking up Amazon at $50 would have been awesome!

My biggest headache is that once you put in your order it takes a while to get the order filled.  Sometimes the price goes up during that time, though sometimes it goes down.  I have come to terms with it because I figure it evens out over time.  Plus I only invest $5 at a time.

As I am writing this it seems like they have a morning window (about 8-9) when they trade and an afternoon window (near closing) when they trade.  I take this into account when buying a partial stock knowing I am not going to get the price I am looking at.  Though mentally I remind myself that I am buying maybe 0.005- 0.1 of a share and not a full share.  It helps me to not panic if the price goes up because even if I bought it at a higher price I may have paid an extra 10 cents instead of an extra $4 (if it was a whole share).

If you want to get into stock trading this has been a great tool for me.  This site is made for long term investing and not for day or swing trading.  Also know that the stock markets will go up and down, though if you invest in EFTs or Companies you trust to be around for the next 10-20 years, then the dips don’t matter as much.  Most investors are excited to buy more of their stocks when they go ‘on sale’.  I have picked up some more stocks at a discount lately.  Only invest money that you don’t need.

As I am writing this the stock markets are taking a hit.  I have gone through 2 smaller dips now where my balance was in the negative.  They were emotional to get through and this one is a lot bigger.  In the middle of February my profit in Stash was almost $2000, 2/27 it dropped below $1000 and in March my balance dropped to negative $400.  That made my heart flutter a little.  I made sure to only invest the money I would not need.  What this means to me is if the stock market went away tomorrow and I lost all the money it wouldn’t affect my life at all.  I love stocks and would miss it, but financially it wouldn’t hurt me.  Well, my ego would feel the loss of the money though.

If you have been thinking about investing then starting it when the stocks are lower may be a good time to get in.  If you do it through my link then I believe we both get an extra $5 to invest.  If you don’t know how to pick a company yet or anything yet, then start studying stocks and how to invest.  Many people will invest in EFTs so they can be diversified and have less risk.  Since I love dividends my favorite EFT is SCHD.  There are many good EFTs out there though.  If you put in your risk tolerance into the  Stash App it will help you pick some stocks.  I do not know enough to give financial advice.  I watch a lot of videos about investing and I still have a lot to learn.  But at least now I am in the game and so happy about it.

Stash app affiliate link: https://get.stashinvest.com/dianeimv06

Have you been wanting to invest?  Are you curious about what companies are out there to help?  Are you ready to get started?