The Dreaded Closet

(Are you happier after you’ve decluttered?)

I am going to tackle my closet today.  I have been through my closet many times getting rid of a few things here and there.  Last time I organized my closet I used the space saver bags that shrink your items down to a smaller mass.  I have about 5 of these bags.  3 with bedding and two with clothes.

This time I am going in with the idea of decluttering, which means give most of my stuff away that I haven’t used.  I still have some clothing from my 20’s, some from my pregnancy 26 years ago that were my favorite shirts during that time and many clothes for when I weighed less.

I am expecting to be very emotional.  I won’t be surprised if I cry.  I do know how great I will feel when I can find my favorite clothes without a lot of searching.  I have warned my husband that he may be sleeping on the couch tonight since the bed may be full.

HERE I GO!!!!                     10:45am             Tuesday Morning

OH MY GOODNESS!!!        10pm                 Tuesday Night (a week later)

That took way longer than I thought it would and I still have a little bit left.
This is how my closet started.

20170411_104100Full Closet    20170411_104044Empty Bed

I asked my husband if he could sleep on the couch the first night (it ended up being two nights.)  Then I first took out all my coats in my closet.  This isn’t including the two coats I have been wearing all winter.  What a pile already.  How many coats do I really need?

20170411_104740Coats on bed

I then proceeded to taking every single thing out of my closet.  All of my clothes and bedding went onto my bed with my coats.  I believe that my closet is small, but I sure took a lot out.

20170411_112214 Full bed     20170411_112200 Clothes out

20170411_114723   Totally Empty  (Cool, but now the hard part)

My goal was to only put clothes back that were my size, things I liked, and what had room to go back in to the closet.  I wanted everything to have a space and for nothing to be in space saver shrink bags.

Just looking at the pile on my bed brought helplessness to my soul.  How am I going to tackle it?  Was this a mistake?  I had to get a couple of mantras going to get me through this.  “I can do this!”, “One item at a time.”, “Don’t give up.”  and “I am going to feel so good when I am done”.  I said these over and over to myself for the next week.

This took me longer than maybe other people because I had movies running almost constantly while working on the closet, which I would watch off and on.  Though I needed this distraction to get me though this horror.  I had many hours of staring at my clothes and closet.  I stared at my clothes because they were just over whelming.  Staring at my closet was to help me envision how I was going to organize it.

I really wanted a closet rod so I could hang up my shirts and the couple of dresses I own.  The side walls of the closet were not straight, though my husband and I figured how to get a rod installed.  This brought overwhelming happiness.  For over 6 years I have wanted a rod.     NOW I HAVE ONE.  Hanging up that first shirt was amazing.
Don’t overlook the small things in life.  Enjoy the simple things that bring you happiness and take a moment to appreciate them.

My Procedure:
I made a pile of things I knew I could give away, a pile for maybes, and a pile of clothing I knew I was going to keep.  The maybe pile was really big.

20170412_105707Maybe pile  (it even got a bit bigger)

I went through the maybe pile 4 times getting rid of a few things at a time.  Once you start getting rid of things you get tired and fed up, which sometimes makes it easier to chuck more.  I came across this feeling a few times.
WARNING:  Once you put something in a giveaway box or bag…..  DO NOT LOOK AT IT AGAIN!
My box got overfull so I had to transfer some clothing to a bag.  While doing that I pulled out a shirt and decided to keep it.  I was not proud of myself.  From that moment on I tried not to look when I was packing clothes into bags.  I want to get rid of stuff!

During this time it did not help with my weight.  Since I am an emotional eater the stress of this project had me looking for snacks.  It was one way I could take a break.  I gained about 5 pounds this week.

Little by little the pile got smaller.  By the third night I had the clothes that I still needed to go through piled next to my bed so my hubby could use his side again.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I had days off from work then I was back at work.  (I work 7 days a week).  From Friday – Tuesday I only did a little each day.

My favorite was hanging up the shirts that I was keeping.  I would often go to them and rub my hands from the hanger to the bottom of the shirts.  I couldn’t believe how great it was to hang them up and see EVERY shirt I owned.  I found out that I like them colored coded.  It looked so nice and peaceful compared to the way my shirts use to be.

20170413_143534My hanging shirts.   (Makes me so happy)

I learned long time ago that if I think I will miss something I am giving away to take a picture of it.  At least that way I have a memory of it and a picture takes up a lot less room.  I use to wear this shirt a lot when younger and even my daughter mentioned, “You are going to give that one away?  But you wore that all the time.”  She had a connection to that shirt, but I was over it.  I took this picture for her.
20170413_120953One of my favorite tee shirts from 10 years ago.

I have taken many pictures of my daughters creations that we don’t have room for.  That way we can toss or recycle them.

One more thing before I show you the almost finished project.  As I was hanging up my shirts I hung them up with the hangers backward.  I heard about this system.  After you wear your clothes hang them up the right way.  That way in 6 months to a year you will see which ones you are not using and can down size more.  I will wait a year since I have long sleeve shirts that I mostly wear in the winter.  Summer is on the way and I actually know where my tank tops are now.  Yea!

My goal:  I actually changed my goal some.  I did save some clothes that didn’t fit, but only about 1-2 sizes smaller and they needed to fit in a cubical or else I couldn’t keep it.  I also kept some shirts from a past job that I couldn’t get myself to give up.  I was able to find a small space in the closet for them.  It took a lot of thinking, but I figured it out.
I found out I didn’t want my rod to be stuffed of hanging clothes.  I wanted room to move them, so I had to give more away.  I still have a small stack of shirts I want to keep, but don’t fit in my closet.  I may go through all the shirts that are hanging again and see if I can get rid of more.

My closet now.  (I still need to go through bedding and small piles of clothes.)


This was hard, but I knew I could do it and I do feel great about myself and my closet.
This is what I gave away (plus one more bag that is already in my van)
We don’t need as much as we think we need.  I want to spend time on me and not the stuff I own.  Keep the things that make you happy and give away the rest.
Are you happier after you’ve decluttered?

(Please remember to press like so I know I am being watched.  Help me stay motivated.)

6 thoughts on “The Dreaded Closet

  1. Norma Stephens April 24, 2017 / 3:52 am

    Hey Diz,
    Love what you are doing!
    I have actually gotten very good at letting go having moved several times in the last few years and living in a single bedroom.
    So proud of you for doing this and sharing it with us.

    Liked by 1 person

    • insidedianeslife May 1, 2017 / 5:02 am

      Thank you for your kind words. I hope the move was a good one for you. I think about you often. Take care.


  2. my one life. today May 4, 2017 / 10:29 pm

    Very encouraging blog post. I’m currently decluttering, too. Not my wardrobe. I didn’t struggle with this too much. But all the more with the sentimental items. Soon tough!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • insidedianeslife May 5, 2017 / 1:39 am

      Keep me updated. I am so bad with sentimental items. I want to downsize my dishes and kitchen stuff, but a lot of it is my mom’s and what we used as I was growing up. I am not using 1/2 of it. We will see if I am strong enough to get rid of most of it. Hang in there … you can do it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • my one life. today May 5, 2017 / 10:26 am

        I can so relate. I’m probably not the best person to ask for advise on this but I noticed that I started making progress after I had resolved to not look at certain things (yet) but neatly box them. Yes, organized clutter is still clutter, as they say, but at least it’s out of sight and out of mind – and that’s the whole purpose for the moment, it puts distance between you and them. What about you box 1/2 of the dishes, only use the other half or even get some new stuff. Put the box somewhere safe and don’t look at it for a year. Then, and only then, decide how you feel about it. You won’t declutter instantly but you will have a fresh start in the kitchen and that in itself might do the magic. You can do it, too! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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