Day Number Two 3/31/2017

(Disclaimer…  I published Day Three before Day Two   OOPS!)

Did you do anything today that you are proud of??
I did not declutter today, though while decluttering I don’t want to forget about my regular chores.
I have to admit that I don’t do regular chores much because  I have been relying on my awesome husband to do chores.  Though when that happens I live in guilt and don’t feel very good about myself.  I do work outside the house, though it is my husband’s salary that is our main income.  Then he comes home and have to clean?    Did I mention he was awesome.  (not perfect, but awesome)

Well, I am proud of myself today because when I got home from work I did the dishes, took out 2 bags of recycling, and the yard waste to the bins next to my house.
Later in the evening I fed, watered and spent a little time with my daughters reptiles.  I love feeding them from time to time.

I am also researching how to blog so I can get this live and get some accountability.  (Done)

Today was not a waste.  If I can go though the day and either declutter or clean I will be very pleased with myself.

Did you do anything today that you are proud of??

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